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SITAMARHI  NAWADA  24:50’::85:30’                                                 
CONTINENT- Asia  COUNTRY-India  STATE-Bihar                 DISTRICT-NawadaDistance from Delhi-1150kmDistance from  Patna- 120km  PINCode-805110 STdCode6324                                                          
HASL-1115’RIVER-Loya                           CLIMATE-Tropical
Approach-TrainBus,Taxi   LANGUAGE-Hindi,Magahi               
LODGING-Hotel,Lodge,RH.Dharamsala,IB,Site campus restshed,
Railwayrest room.FOOD-Indian cooked rice,pulse,sabji,bhujia,litti
Chokha ,Jalebi,kachauri,puri,Singhara,nimki ,egg, chicken,mutton
Fishetc DRINK-Sweet  water  for  drinking purposes plus  hard  and  soft bottled or  pouched  packed  drink. TRANSPORT-Auto
ABOUT THE  SITE- The mentioned site is  a religious  place as per the story of  Ramayan  the religious story of the hindus.Sita wife of Ram  was convicted and evicted to jungle on say of a  washerman  who convicted and evicted  his wife  for one night absence of his wife from the house saying that he was not Ram who kept Sita knowing fullywell that she remained  at Ravan residence  for long. So this is the place lived  in forest.This is attributed by temple in  a cave at village named Sitamarhi.Twosons of Sita named Lav and KKushwere also born here2TThere is a wide mouth jar(kathauta) like ditch in a stone slab where Sita used to wash clothes of  Lav and Kush3Sita used to take bath in( Now a days the river named Tilaya was then called) Tamsa as mentioned in Balmiki Ramayan 4 Balmiki ashram is also by the side of the river.5 Ashram of Atrimuni teacher of Balmiki is bit away from here  in Atri tapoban.Now a days it is called Atri..East of the river Kushagram  is near Narhat  where maharshi Balmiki used to meditate over lord Shiv. These facts find mention in Historcal notes  on district Gazetier Gaya 1885 by Gorge Griayarsan “Gaya Gazettier1919byMLSOMelli’Nawada rediscovered 1973 and administrative report  Nawada district 1973 J C Mathur has also confirmed river Tilaya as TTamsa.
OTHER SITE-Hill view and  green valley.
FESTIVITY-Four days festival on Aghan fullmoon day  married ladys worship  here and place  cloth pieces  in the stone ditch ,after being blessed by a son child  on this occasion.
PRECAUTION-The district is naxal affected.
GUIDE-District information office.
RREMARK-It shoud be included in state tourism programme.



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