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Name-SOMNATH OF SAURATH(SABHA GACHI)   26:31’::86:02’                                                   
CONTINENT- Asia  COUNTRY-India  STATE-Bihar                 DISTRICT-Madhubani Distance from Delhi-1190km              Distance from  Patna- 160k PINCode-847011StdCode-6276                                                                                 
HASL-150’RIVER-Kamala                          CLIMATE-Tropical
Approach-TrainBus,Taxi   LANGUAGE-Hindi ,Maithali               
LODGING-Hotel,Lodge,RH.Dharamsala,IB,Site campus restshed,
Railwayrest room.FOOD-Indian cooked rice,churadahi pulse,sabji, bhujia,littichokha ,Jalebi,kachauri,puri,Singhara,nimki ,egg, chicken,muttofishetc   DRINK-Sweet  water  for  drinking purposes plus  hard  and  soft bottled or  pouched  packed  drink. TRANSPORT-AutCyclerickshaw,minibus,trecker,horsecart.
ABOUT THE  SITE-The site is a famous of lord Shiva in name of
Somnath.It is said  that it is the actual Somnath lingamandSomnath    of Saurastra in Gujrat is its duplicate.Saurath s the changed name
From original Saurastra. Another say is that after invasion of Gazni
On Somnath temple of  Gujrat lord Shiv  came in dream of two maithil Brahman brothers and wished that the ling shoud be taken to that place.This way the temple was named as Somnath and the place as Saurath.
 This is also the place where Sabhagachi (matrimonial fair of maithil brahmans was first organized and is still in vogueon limited
scale  in Mauza26 at about 6km north of Madhubani
OTHERSITE-Shilanath temple of Jaynagar.
FESTIVITY-Mahashivratri,Shravnipurnima,Durgapuja,and marriage ceremney.
GUIDE-District information office.
PRECAUTION-General precaution for safety of valuables
REMARK-The site draws national importance.


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