Saturday, August 24, 2013


Distance  from  national  capital  Delhi—1075km
  “               “     State          “        Patna---176km
PINcode811307 STDCode6345 HSL_1800’ RIVER_Kiul
APPROACH—The  area  is  approachable  by  road ways.One  can  come    by  railways
up to  Malhepur  township  and  reach  Jamui  by  bus  or  auto  rickshaw. From  where a
hired  conveyance like  auto rickshaw or  tam tam has  to be  done  to  go  up  to  the  foot
hill  of  Jataiu Pahar Then  short  trecking to  rise  up  the  hill  through  hilly  foot  path.
LANGUAGE-Hindi  and  Magahi LODGING-Middle clas  hotel, I. B. and rest shelters  at  Jamui.FOOD-Magahi  style  rice pulse sabji.,chapatti,bhujia,chokha.Dahi(on demand)
With other veg and  non veg preparationsDRINK-Drinking  water  is  available  ,but with
Slight rough  test.Branded  and  bottled  drinks  are  also  available. LOCALTRANSPORT-Autorickshaw, cyclerickshaw,and horse  carts.
ABOUT THE SITE-The site  is  a  dry  hill with  less  vegetation. There  is  a temple  of Hanuman  and  Shiva  on  the  top  of the  hill. Local  say is that eagle Jataiuin an effort to free   Sita after being Heart  by Ravan  , when  he(Ravan) was  carrying  abducted  Sita to
Sri Lanka  fell  down  over  this  hill Ram  also  came  here pacfied  him  and gave mukti
To  his  soul. Thus  this  place  became  a  pilgrimage  and tourist place.
GUIDE-District  information  office.PRECAUTION-Naxal  affected  area.
OTHER NEARABOUT SITE-Janm bhumi temple  of  birthplace  of Mahabirtirthankar  after  crossing  the  hill  at  some  distance.

REMARK-Careful visit.

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