Friday, April 13, 2012

NIRMAL Baba Vs Tanya and Aditya THAKUR

I used to watch the shows of NIRMAL BABA and was amazed that how this man is able to fool the innocent people. From few days the campaign started one of the leading News paper and by  Tanya  Thakur and her brave brother  Aditya  Thakur and mother on the star channel  and India TV has at last able to open the third eyes of innocent people against so called Baba Nirmal .
Before further extension of thought I would like to extend my heartiest thank and congratulations to all of them for raising the voice against such type of corruption based on religion and fraud being practiced in the country. It shows that mother India has still much strength to fight such odds.


                                                                                          LALLAN  PRASAD ,PATNA


  1. aditya aut tanya jaisa murkh koi nahi hai

  2. pura pariwar court ja kar murkh ban gaya kya ek ips aisa kam karta hai koi thos sabut nahi koi gawah nahi kuch nukshan nahi phir murkh jaisa harkat kyon