Thursday, January 9, 2014


ULAR SUN TEMPLE 25:15’::84:52’                                                 
Distance from Delhi-951km
Distance from  Patna-  60km 
PINCode- 801110
Approach-Train, Bus,Taxi  
LANGUAGE-Hindi, Magahi               
LODGING-Hotel,Lodge,RH. Dharamsala,IB,Site campus restshed,
Railwayrest room.
FOOD-Indian cooked rice,pulse,sabji,bhujia,litti, Chokha ,Jalebi,kachauri,puri,Singhara,nimki ,egg, chicken,mutton
Fish, etc 
DRINK-Sweet  water  for  drinking purposes plus  hard  and  soft bottled or  pouched  packed  drink. 
TRANSPORT-Auto Cycle rickshaw,minibus,trecker, horsecart.

ABOUT THE  SITE-The site is a temple of Sun god.According to literary evidences as mentioned  by scholars in the concerned field Lord Krishna’s grand son “Samb”constructed 12 Sun temples at a time.The temple at Ular is one of them Naturally temple also bears sign of archaeological interest Its statues and other constructions got modified in different periods. Present shape of the temple was initiated by saint Albela Baba in 20th century which is now taking a  gigantic ,magnificent and beautiful shape every day.

OTHER SITES-A gigantic pond by the side of the temple ,Mahablipur songhat,Milky nahar chhath ghat,Punpun bank,Chath ghat at Chandos.

FESTIVITY- Besides, day to day worship Kartrik and chaitra CHath
Puja of lord Sun god is important festival.
PRECAUTION-General precaution of safety of valuables.
GUIDE-District information office.
REMARK-Natua dance during chath mela . It is dance performrd by special and specialised community on the  Anchal (a coner of Sari lady wear) of a lady devotee is to be enjoyed and matter of study of the tourist visitors.                                                                                                                                             

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