Sunday, January 5, 2014


Name-SUN TEMPLE RAXAUL 26:55’::84:55’                                                   
CONTINENT- Asia  COUNTRY-India  STATE-Bihar                 DISTRICT-MotihariDistance from Delhi-1027km              Distance from  Patna- 210kmPINCode- 845305STdCode6255                                                         
HASL-245’ RIVER-Sarsiva                       CLIMATE-Tropical
Approach-TrainBus,Taxi   LANGUAGE-HindiMagahiBhojpuri               
LODGING-Hotel,Lodge,RH.Dharamsala,IB,Site campus restshed,
Railwayrest room.FOOD-Indian cooked rice,pulse,sabji,bhujia,litti
Chokha ,Jalebi,kachauri,puri,Singhara,nimki ,egg, chicken,mutton
Fishetc DRINK-Sweet  water  for  drinking purposes plus  hard  and  soft bottled or  pouched  packed  drink. TRANSPORT-Auto
ABOUT THE  SITE-The site is a temple of Sun god in the middle of  pond  near PS campus.The temple platform is connected by a bridge  from the land of the campus.It was built in 1993. It has three stories.First story is adorned by the temple of goddess Durga, Hanuman is established on the second floor,and Sun god is on the top floor with all aides of his worship.Clean water of the tank with fish play  attracts the visitors.
OTHER SITES-Manokamna devi temple  on India-Nepal international highway.and Hanuman temple in foreign embassy campus are worth visit.
FEESTIVE SEASON-Chath,Durgapuja and Ramnavmi.
VISITINGPERIOD-All twelve months.
PRECAUTION-General precaution about safety of valuables.
GUIDE-District information office.
PACKAGE TOUR-Included in Bus tourism packages of private  tourist agencies.
REMARK-All prospect and probabilities of tourism is bright.  



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