Friday, September 13, 2013


KHARAGPUR LAKE 25:22’::86:27’ CONTINENT-AsiaCOUNTRY-IndiaSTATE-BiharDISTRICT MungerDistance from country capital Delhi-1234km Distance from the state capital Patna-223km PINCode-811201(Munger)STDCode6344 H.A.S.L.-1300’ RIVER—x APPROACH-The site can be approached by railways up to Jamalpur.One can reach Haweli Kharagpur by roadways Bus services or private reserve taxis.After that only self owned cars or reserve taxis can take him to the destination the Kharagpur lake on Kharagpur hills by forest hilly and meandering road . LANGUAGE-Hindi,Magahi andAngika LODGING-Resthouse and Dakbunglow on the hill. FOOD-Own arrangement cooking facility available at the rest house.Lower middle class hotel facilities serving rice Pulse sabji chapatti litti chokha with other veg and non veg preparations are available at Haveli Kharagpur market. DRINK-Sweet drinking water is available for drinking purposes at the site which may be muddy during rainy season or untimely heavy rain. LOCAL TRANSPORT-No transport is available at the site.So own arrangement has to be made.Reseve conveyance like Jeep and private cars are available at Haveli Kharagpur But not in enough quantity.. ABOUYT THE SITER-The site is a bg lake of about2.5 long and 1km wide on 1000’ high hill reservoir.It has irrigation canal projects by earthen check dams. Boating facility can be enjoyed by the visitors on payment Facility with permission from legitimate authority. PRECAUTION-The area is affected by the Naxalites. OTHER SITE-Bhimbandh hotspring. VISITING PERIOD-It is suitable for visit in winter season From Oct. to December REMARK-The area is suitable for tourism as picnic spot. Persons interested in studys and investigstions of minetrals and rocks can visit for Bauxite an ore of Aluminium clay, fire clay and laterite.

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  1. Kharagpur lake is one of the most wonder lake in india