Saturday, September 21, 2013


KACHI DARGAH 25:$)’::85:15’
 Distance from the country capital Delhi-
 Distance from Patna --18 km
 STDCode-0612 HASL150’
 RIVER –The Ganges
APPROACH-_The site is located at about 20 km east from Patna Jn On Bankaghat railway station, This can be reached by auto rickshaws Or city ride buses from Agamkuan bus stand or by time bound passenger trains from Patna and getting down at Bankaghat railway station
Air route-Patna aerodrome is also on air rout from Delhi to kolkata
LANGUAGE>Hindi and Magahi,
LODGING>Small hut hotels at Bankaghat And railway shade at the station
FOOD>Rice pulse sabji, bhunjia, litti egg etc with variety of local sweets and snacks.. DRINK> Sweet water is available for drinking purposes from water supply pipes Dugwells and borewell hand pumps.
LOCAL TRANSPORT-Autorickshaws Tamtam,cycle rickshaw, minibuses and enroute long route buses. ABOUT THE SITE-The site is a crematory tomb platform of muslim Saint Hazrat Makhdum Rahmutala Allaih and his deciple Gualin The worship is done on Jumerat and Jumma by scented Agarbati,lohban Flower and cloth cover for prosperty and goodness.The ladies doing worship desiring some special blessing , has to bind thread in the pillar there and cloth cut by their saree wear.The khadim of the Mazar lits lamp in the air in her name for 40 days for prayers to become successful in the worship.
FESTIVITY-Dashhara,Ramnawmi, the hindu festival and Id, Muharam Etc the muslim festival HISTORICAL-It is said that the saint was king of KASGAR in Russia He came here in 1149 AD PRECAUTION-General precaution of being cautious over religious crowded places about cash,jewelry, and stampede frictions.
 GUIDE-Not required.
 REMARK-Take one try if affected by problem of mental disorder.

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  1. kya ye jinnato ki banaye hue dargah h ya bo konsi h tel me urgent in patna city