Tuesday, July 9, 2013


         Numerous   researches  has  been   done   on   numerous  subjects   of  benefits of  human  beinng.
Had  one  percent  of  these  efforts  been  diverted  to  STUDY  OF  CONTROL  OF  CLOUDS  80
percent  of  problems  of  human beings  would  have  been  solved. Many  books  and  literatures  are
available  on Hydrology, geo-hydrology, irrigation, damming of flowing  water  for  different  purposes,taping
up  underground  water  by  high  powered  drill  machines. But  all  these  are  after  the  clouds in  the  sky
 have  finished  their  show  of  havoc  or  mercy  to  the  human  being.It  is  not  abnormal  and  purely  na
-tural aspect  of  the  subject. Because  before  the  invention of  Airoplane  it  was  not  possible  to  touch
the  clouds  by  human  made  traffic.However  it  is  not  in  very  advance  stage  of  development. Bc
ause any  constructional  damage  or difficulty  detected  in the  airplanes in  the  sky generally  leads to  crashng and  casuality.Yet  we  have  reached  a stage of  time when different  types  of  surveys  are  being conducted  by  airoplanes  such  as  land  mapping  and  agricultures surveys etc.
   Climatology, all  over  the  world  has  been  looked as science  of  sky  and  thereby  science  of  god

.Only  movemen  of  clouds  expected  heavy,  medium, rainfall,  Sunrise  and  Sunset  timing  has  been  allotted   as  the  domain  of  its  studu   and  work. But  during  time  of hazards  and   emergency other  agencies  and  istitutions  are  unable  to  cope  up   and  try  to  throw  resonsibility  over  the  meteorology  section.

     So  it  is  high  time  to  increase   the  responsibility   of  the  meteorology  department    and  adorn  it  extra     power  with   provision  of  survey  air  crafts,air  diving  baloons,  with  trained  operational  staff  so  that  they  may  be  able  to  fight  with  the    madly  moving  clouds  in  the  initial  stage  itself. This  can  be  achieved   by  salt  fixed  rubber  baloons  on  the  clouds,by  dropping  pressure  resistant  blotting paper/clothes  fixed  on  strong  frames  to  absorb  the  moisture  of  the  clouds, get  thm  packed  in  the  air  itself  ,  carry  them  to  the  drought  affected  areas.In  such  case  howmuch  power  will  be  needed  to  carry  the  wet  materials  has  to  be  known.Asses  and  Donkeys  of  the  washerman  are  regularly doing  this  type  pf  work.So  their  help  can  be  taken  up    in  doing  researches   over  such  subject . Besides  t  effect  of  ellectrical  impulses  in  carrying  wet  matterials  in  the  sky has  also  to  ascertained///  

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