Thursday, May 2, 2013

DEV SUN Temple , Bihar

DEV      24:35': : 84:30'
Dev Temple , Bihar
District--Aurangabad .
Distance - From the country capital Delhi--928kms
 Distance from the state capital Patna--132km
Pin code 824202
 STD Code 6186 -(Auragabad)
HFSL_410' River

APPROACH OVER THE LOCATION _Mentioned site is a very famous SUN TEMPLE located at Dev Kasba now Block at a distance of 12Km east of district head qrs Aurangabad .It can  be reached only by the road ways . Nearest railway station is Dev Halt on Gaya  Mogulsarai rail line at a distance of 6km

LANGUAGE-Hindi and Magahi

LODGING_Govt rest house, middle class small hotels and rest shelters provided by Pujaris and Pandas . FOOD-- Rice pulse sabji chapati(bread) litti,chokha and Dosa during Chuth mela time along with other variety of foods are available.

DRINK_Sweet drinking water as wel as other types of soft and hard drinks are available as per requirement .
LOCAL TRANSPORT_Auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws are main local conveyance .Reserved cars are also available at Aurangabad . Time bound buses also ply from Aurangabad and Deo Morre and DEV  halt station

ABOUT THE SITE _The temple is having beautiful carved architecture. The height
of the temple is about100' . Base is round in diameter of 30'. Statue of .Morning Midday and evening or setting sun are worshiped in the temple.Ganesh  is worshipped on the gate of the temple. Godess Shitala and Durga are worshipped in left side of the temple inside the bounded premises .Hanuman has his establishment both inside and outside of the temple garvgrih.

FESTIVE SEASON_Main festive season is winter CHATH when gatherings of 5 to 6 lakhs of devotees. They gather from all over the local area to worshipthe SUN god. Summer CHATH and RAM NAWMI is also celebrated with gaity and ferver.Besides it DEOV MAHOTSAW is also celebrated .

VISITING PERIOD All twelve months

OTHER SITES: Dev kund ( Surya Kund)  where arghya (offering to Lord Sun) to rising and setting sun is performed .Reminiscences of Dev riasat.
Similar site named as Deovad in Rohtas dist and Dev chanda exist in Bhojpur district
PRECAUTION__Naxal affected area
GUIDE_District information office
PACKAGE TOUR : Included in package tour programme by state tourism .

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