Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dungeshwari Parvat - Gaya Bihar

 DUNGESHWARI  PARVAT / Cave Temple,GAYA         24:45”::85:03”
Country India
State Bihar
Distance from the national capital Delhi-1020km
Distance from the state capital Patna-105km
Pin code 824211
STD Code-0631
HASL 500”
River Mohane Lilazan
Approach over the location-The area can be approached by roadways up to the foot hill then tracking over the stony steps of about 500”. Nearest railway station is Gaya Junction at about 12km
Language-Hindi and Magahi
Lodging-Low middle and high class hotels at Gaya and Bodh Gaya,Govt inspection bunglaws and  Tourist rest houses etc are all available.
Food-Rice ,pulse,sabji,chapati Bihar style food litti chokha etc are available as meal cum breakfast items.Samosa ,nimki kachauri and Jalebi is served as popular breakfast snacks.Anarsa and khubi laee is special local sweet.
DRINK—Sweet water is available for drinking purposes. Bottled and branded drinks are available in sufficient quantity at Gaya and Bodh Gaya .
 Local Transport—Cycle rickshaw ,auto rickshaw and tam tam are main local conveyace available at Gaya and Bodh Gaya on contract and rent .
ABOUT THE SITE—The site is a small hill with big  cave at its top slope. The site finds mention in historical literature,travel  literature as well as archeological inscriptions  Some have said it as Mora hill and some have mentioned it as Dongra hill. Now the Dungeshwari name is in vogue. Founder Director of Archeological survey of India Dr General Kanigham reffered it as pre-Budhistor PrakBodhi hill because   the hill cave where from Lord Budha got enlightment after years of meditation. This fact is mentioned in the inscription of western platform of Mahabodhi temple. Chinese travelleer Huensang and Larian have also mentioned pre Bodhi hill in their travel diary
PRECAUTION—Naxal affected area

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