Thursday, November 3, 2011


Continent Asia
State Bihar
District –Arwal
Distance from the national capital Delhi 973km
Distance from the state capital Patna-53 km
Pin Code 804401
STD Code-6337
HASL 300'
River Son
Approach over the location—The site area has approach by roadways from the state head quarter Patna. Now the path way is marked as NH 98 .Regular bus services are available from Patna and Aurangabad to reach up to the site
Language—Hindi and Magahi.
Lodging—Inspection bungalow at Arwal and some road ways hotels
Food- Rice,pulse, sabji, bhujia ,chapatti litti and chokha of local standard Fish mutton, chicken eggs etc as non-veg . .Nimki, Singhara Jalebi as breakfast snacks.along with tea, but no coffee. Sweet water is available for drinking purposes. Branded and bottled drinks are also available, but in less quantity
Local conveyance- Cycle rickshaw and auto rickshaws are main local conveyance
ABOUT THE SITE- The site is recognised as mediation region . Chaywan rishi About 500 years ago one swami Balpuri also made his meditation place in the ashram of Chaywan rishi. After completion of his meditation he burnt himself in the hawan kund got immtated and immortalised. It is said that the hawn kund remains always fired since then, that is the specialty of the place
OTHER SITE—Dudheshwar Nath Shiv temple and Sahastra dhara pond.MadhusrwaorBadhusrwasunand
Shiv temple is situated near Balidad 4to5km awayfrom Deokund or Diptodku nd near Arwal on  the bank of
kund or riveret formed  by  the flow of tears from the eyes of mother Puloma wife of Bhrigu and daughter
of Durwasa when  she  was  abducted  and  highjacked by demon Puloma during  her pregnancy  of  Chaywan.Delivery  of Chayawan  occured  in  the  same priod.  The  demon was destroyed by  the  glow  rays of  Chaywan So  the  kund  was  named Badhu(daughter-in-law of Brahma)Shraw(tearflow)
Festivity—Besides day to day worship and Monday special Shivratri and Chath is special festival in the month of Kasrtik which attracts the local crowd and religious tourist Chayawan also  did chathfestival(sun
worship) here  and  got  rid of  his eye  trouble.So  the  kund  or  the  small  river  here  has pauranic and 
pre historical importance. 
Precaution—Naxal affected area .
Remarks—Cinema hall for entertainment and medical facility available at Arwal

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