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Biratpur Chandiasthan - Sonbarsa - Saharsa, Bihar

SONBARSA RAJ 25:40 :: 86:45
Distance from the Country capital Delhi -900km
Distance from the state capital Patna295km
Pin code—852129
STD code 6478
Approach---The area can be approached by railways and road.The nearest railway station is Semri Bakhtiarpur on Muzafarpur Darbhanga Saharsa railway line.
Language—Hindi and Maithili  
Lodging - Middle class hotel,rest houses and inspection bunglows at Saharsa or old rest houses and Dharamsalas at Sonbarsaraj
Food—Indian Bihari style rice ,pulse sabji , chapatti, chokha and maithil style Chura dahi(curd) with sabji or bhujia Fish is easily available non veg . preparation of the area
DRINK—Drinking water is available but not so sweet.Other bottled drinks also available.
Local Transport-Cycle rickshaw , auto rickshaws and horse carts are main local conveyance

ABOUT THE SITE----The site under description is a temple of Chandimata or Chinmastika in Biratpur of Sonbarsa Raj Historically the temple is 300 years old. It was made by Pran devi of king Pran Singh of Jalseema. Temple of Katyaini at Dhamhara ghat and Tarasthan temple Mahisiare at equal distance from this place There are seven ponds around this temple .It is said that they werw dug by demon who tried to marry goddess chandi Chinmastika but could not do so because the ponds could not be completely dug before the sun rise in the morning.There is a small kund by the side of the temple .Water powered by hundreds of devotis daily flows down to the kund andit is absorbed there without overflowing.

OTHER SITES—The name of the region Biratpur bears relation with king Birat of Matasya pradesh , where pandwas remained during the periods of their exile in disguise.This is the place where Kichak brother-in-law of Birat was murdered by Bhim, bcause of trying abduction of Dropadi. It is substantiated by the fact that a horse jin (lagam) of 60kg and one foot wear of about 15 hand ie about 18ft length was found during an excavation near the place. Not only that abnormally long size bricks and stone slabs were also found during the excavation. Stone plate memorials of Kichak and Pandawas are seen at bit distance from the temple place near Jalseema.No body could grab these land pieces till now.

2 GARH BAZAR—This earthen hillock is at few distance from Biratpur. Seeing the height of the hillock from the ground level it transpires that here must have been palace of some king.

FESTIVITY---Tuesday is the festive day of the temple, when Bairagan worship is done by cutting Patha(goat) Previously it was done by killing Para(small baisan) Sweets and flowers are also used in worship of the deity So this worship is mixed of mantric and tantrik .Pure tantrik worship is done during Navratra.

Visiting period—All twelve month.
Guide—District information office may be contacted.
Remarks—A place of local tourist interest and for those who are interested in research over pre-historic stories of Mahabharat.

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