Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bhagalpur : Bihar - Behula / Jain Temple,Makbara of Said Abraham,Tilka Manghi Memorial

7. Bishari asthan Behula Temple- it is located in Nath nagar The temple of mahasati Behula is like Sawitry Satywan mythology in Magadh locality. Behul also got her husband return after his death by snake bite.So the site has gorgious festivity on the occasion of Nagpanchmi

8. Bhagwandas library- .The district level library is situated in Nayabazar mohala .It has large collection of novels of Hindi and Bengali writers ,besides books of other subjects of interest

9. The Jain Temple of Champa Nagar—Ahead of Nath nagar there is a wonderfully beautiful Jain temple at Champanagar. The temple is thoughrolly decorated with mirror which gives it a unique visits from other sites.

10. Makbara of Said Abraham—Said Abraham was governor of Bengal during the regime of Emperor Jahagir . He was husband of the sister of Empress Nurjahan. He was brave commander of The Mughal force and had won in many Battle fields. So the king had decorated him with title of ‘Fatah Jang”. His cemetory (Makbara) lies in Khanjarpur mohala The plinth of the makbara is 20’ high.It is 80’ wide.It has 5 domes One central dome is bigger than others.It has entrance from all four sides .It is spread over an area120’x120’.

11. SANDISH Compound—It is a big compound where various festivities are done, chief among them are independence day and republic day function and Rawan and Kumbh karan effigy burning during Dashhara.It is told that it was a big ditch. One collector of Bhagalpur whose name was Mr Sandish. While during his morning walk he started throwing debrises in it As a result other passerbys also did the same thing.Then an idea of filling it came under a systematic programme which resulted in outcome of a good useful compound .Now the name has been changed to Gandhi Maidan.

12 Tilka Manghi memorial—In struggle for independence our tribal parts in almost all part of the country have contributed their remarkable duties.In Bhagalpur area the reverence goes to Tilka Manjhi who organized the war of independence there. A big martyrs memorial has been erected with his statue to celebrate his memory on Tilka manjhi chock on one corner of Sandish compound and the mohala has also been named as Tilka Manjhi in his memory.

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