Thursday, August 25, 2011

PAWAI - Aurangabad : Bihar

PAWAI—24:35’:: 84:15”





Distance from the national capital Delhi—958 km

Distance from the state capital Patna—134 km

Pin code—813125

STD code o6186(A,Bad).

HASL 1350”

Nearest River—Batane.

Approach over the location—The area mentioned is an old kashba of zamindar riasat of Pawai Raj.It can be approached by road covering a distance of about 8 kms.

Language—Hindi and Magahi in general.

Lodging-One g0vt dak bunglow, rest shelter houses of Pawai raj.

Food - rice pulse, sabjee chokha ,chapatti(bread) litti etc.

Drink—Sweet water available for drinking, other drinks also available on advance request.

Local transport - Only a few cycle rickshaw Reserved auto rickshaws and time bound trecker ,jeep and small bus services from A,bad.

About the site—The site is as scenic beauty spot created by isolated conical hill of Chotangpur granite. This is also called Bhairopur hillor Jhunjhuna Pahar in extended lower foot hill towards Daltongang road .

Speciality about it is that it has one big boulder midway on up slope, which gives

metallic sound on hammering. Mythological say is that it is an artificial boulder in which Gems and jewelries of old king of the area has been sealed. Trial drilling has not been done because if nothing comes out it will incur heavy expenditure for the party.So mystery remains mystery and attraction for tourism.Because such Mythological story also for few other hillocks in Bihar. It has ponds and kunds and spring making it suitable for tourist and picnic spot.

Besides, there is a thakurbari temle in memory of king Nagendra narayan singh.Another pond exist by the side of the roadline NE of this hillock, where chath and other festivities are clebrated .A Sun temple by the side othe river bank is in offing

Other nearby site—The Durga temple in Amba on Daltonganj road .

PRECAUTION—Not much but general precaution of tourism is to be taken .

GUIDE—District information office is to be contacted.

FURTHER PROSPECT and REMARKS—Being close to the two nati0nal high ways the site has good prospect for development as retreat and resort provided electricity is improved.

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