Sunday, January 5, 2014


Name-SHILANATH JAINAGAR 26:32’::86:10’                                                   
CONTINENT- Asia  COUNTRY-India  STATE-Bihar                 DISTRICT-MadhubaniDistance from Delhi-1205km              Distance from  Patna-175kmPINCode-847011Stdcode6276                                                                                 HASL- 214’  RIVER- Kamala                        CLIMATE-Tropical
Approach-TrainBus,Taxi   LANGUAGE-Hindi,Maithali               
LODGING-Hotel,Lodge,RH.Dharamsala,IB,Site campus restshed,
Railwayrest room.FOOD-Idian cooked rice, pulse,sabji,bhujia,litti
Chokha ,Jalebi,kachauri,puri,Singhara,nimki ,egg, chicken,mutton
Fishetc DRINK-Sweet  water  for  drinking purposes plus  hard  and  soft bottled or  pouched  packed  drink. TRANSPORT-Auto
ABOUT THE  SITE-It is very modern style Shiv temple,decorated with marble plates.Old temple was washed away in Kamala river, then new temple was constructed.
FESTIVITY-Mahashivratri and Makar sankrantri.
OTTHER SITES-Sabhagachi of Madhubani.
GUIDE-District information office.
PRECAUTION-General precaution for safety of valuables.
REMARK-Place of local tourism.


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