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GAZNA   24:30’::84:10’
Continent-Asia Countru-India State-Bihar District-Aurangabad
Distance  from country  capital  Delhi-980km
____________   State__________Patna—152kmPINCode-822116
(Japla) 824101A.bad  STDcode-6566(japla)(6546 A.bad)
H .A.S .L.-730’   River-Kararbar
APPROACH  OVER  THE  LOCATION-It  is  located  on  boarder  of  Palamu  and  Aurangabad district on the bakk of  Kararbar  river.One
can reach here by jeep treckerand few local buses from  Husainabad, Japla  in  Palamu  by  coming  a  distance  of  about  10km  and  then negotiating through   canal road  by  bullock  cart  or  on foot  up  to  the  destination.Another  way  is from Aurangabad  via Saranda more
on  Daltanganj  road  which  measures  a  distance  of  about  20km Regular  traffic  has  service  only  up  to  Saranda  more  after  that
one  has  to  arrange  private  conveyance  of  bullock  cart  or  horse  cart  on his  own accord.From Palamu  side  one  has  to  cross  river  Kararbar.So rainy season  go from this side is not advised. Aurangabad
and  Japla  both  are  connected  by  railways.
LANGUAGE-Hindi  in general  and  Magahi  mixed  Bhojpuri LODGING-Only  a  few  rest  shelter  room  can  be  had  from  temple
Management.Afew  mlddle  class  hotel ,dharamsala  and  dakbunglow
Are  available at A.bad and Japla FOOD-North  Indian style  rice,pulse
Sabji, chapatti,litti,chokha, meat fish,egg, all  available  at  A.bad  and 
Japla  But  only  vegetarian  food  can  be  had  if  staying  at  the  temple  premisesDRINK-Sweet  drinking  water  is  available  at  temple  premises  and  all  other  types  of  drinks  are  availale  atA,badand  Japla.LOCALTRANSPORT-No  transport  is  available  at  the  site  premises.So  one  has  to  arrange  his  own  reservdmodeof  transport.
However  one  or  two  time  scheduled  bus  and  jeep may  be  available
Ongeneral  transport  route.                                                          
ABOUT THE SITE-The site is a place of worshipof godessDurga locally
Incarnated  as Gazna  Bhagwati.The  management has its own Sanskrit  school  and  primary  school  for  local  childrenThe  temple  has  squre
Shaped cemented  building  structure .Any  fulfillment  of  desire  is  followed by worship of  puri  Prasad  in earthen  upside  down (ULTA)
 Karah.The  establishment  has  its  own garden with  flower  and fruit plants
FESTIVE  SEASON-Bivah  panchmi  and  Holi,when  saint likelate108
Ram  shankar  sharan ji  maharaj from  ayodhya  and  his  successor108 sri Baijnthsaranji maharaj  use to  come from  Biahuti bhawvan and  celebrate Sita-Ram  Bivah Utsav  and  Holi  at  this  place In  the  same  continuity  the  charge  has  now  gone  to  !)*sri  Awadh  saran  ji  maharaj of  ULAR  matth.
VISITING  PERIOD-All  twelve  month.
PRECAUTION-Naxal  affected  area
GUIDE-District  information  office.

OTHER  NEARABOUT  SITE-Bansi  pahar  and  Alinagar  hillock

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