Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scientific Reason of Land Slide, Cloud Burst and Heavy Rain in Uttarakhand

Recent incident of cloud burst and rain hazards at KEDARNATH , GANGOTRI and other surrounding areas must  behave as an eye opener for those  organizer or institutions  who  claim themselves as good hazard  management  institutions or Aapda Prabandhak. Teaching institutes of such subject need also revise the syllabus of their courses. How much we are ready to fight with any eventuality is obvious from the fact that when information goes to fire brigade stations about fire at some place it starts filling in its vehicles tank with water.
Cloud  burst and  heavy rain  in the Himalayan valleys  is  not   new  thing.   During  process of regular  and  yearly  hydrological  cycles , water  evaporated  from  the sea surface  rises above  and their concentration  forms  the clouds. Pressure changes in the atmosphere causes   westerly, south westerly and South easterly flow of the wind. The wind which is cloud laden forms the monsoon. Cloud releases  its water  contents  in form of  drops and  droplets  of    water ,  of  varying gravity  called  rains, when it
reaches   tropical and  temperate climatic zones  of  the  atmosphere. When the cloud concentration 
  is so favoured  by the natural processes,   that it  becomes a very big chunk of  water in the atmosphere  itself   and  it  falls  at  one point  and  place   with  its  full and heavy  devastating loads  which  is called
“cloud burst”. Just the way cloud burst take place, likewise there can be fall of big pieces of ice in the same manner. 

REMEDY  SUGGESTED - Climatic  survey  department  should also  be  given weightage. Its  study  and management  should include syllabus like  aeronautics,  dissipation of  clouds  artificially  by  flying  and 
Traversing  over  it  by aero planes with  such  accessory   arrangements  fitted   over  it. Artificial  release  of cloud  water  by  salt  seeding  by  balloon blasting. To  verify  the  practical  effect  of   the  sky experiment  on  the  earth  surface  the  students  should  be  given  training  in mountaineering.
   Operational   stations should be at  Chhotanagpur plateau   and   Vindhyan  plateau. 
North Bihar    prone  to  flood  hazards, there  such research oriented  experiments took place to  have  control  over  the  clouds  were  started  and  done  in 1960-70. But  with  advent  of satellite images  and  computer, attentions were  diverted  to  three-D  formulations  and  interpretations and  the  above  thought  was  left  behind. But now it seems  that this is the high time  to  revive  back those research plans.


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