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Buxar - Bihar : Tapovan, Central Jail, Chausa, Katkauli

BUXAR 25 :35::83 59
Continent –Asia
Country Asia
State- Bihar
District - Buxar
Distance from country capital Delhi-875 km
Distance from state capital Patna—117 kms
Pin code 802101
STD Code 6183
HASL 300”
River-The Ganges
Approach over the location—Buxar is situated on Delhi Howrah main railway line of Indian railway. It is well connected with roadways also from the rest of the country.
Language—Hindi and Bhojpuri
Lodging—Middle class hotels ,Dharamsala ,rest house and inspection bungalows are available
Food - Bihar style ,rice,pulse,sabjee,bhunjia,chapatti, litti,chokha,etc are available Non veg preparations are available on request.Variety of sweets and snacks like samosa and kachori are met as general break fast
Drink—Sweet water is available for drinking purposes with other type of soft and hard drinks. Local transport—Auto rickshaw ,cycle rickshaw and tracker jeeps are main local conveyance.
About the site—Buxar is important from angle of tourism because it has religious,Historical,and archaeological bank ground to expose its importance which can be expressed as—
1 . TAPOBAN-It is said that this is the place where our saints expressed the scripts of Rigveda. Now it inform of a garden.
2. Demons Tarka killing place—In the previous course of time demons Tarka was killed by Lord Ram in Treta yug. This place was meditation place of saint Vishwamitra. So the name Buxar
3. Sriman Narayan Raghunandan Sri Ram Ashram—It is situated in naya bajar area of the town. It was started by Sriman Narayan. The ashram celebrates marriage day ‘the vivah panchmi’; the day of marriage of Lord Ram with Sita. Exibit and live display of duplicate of bridal Ram along with Brambha ,Bishnu,Mahesh Indra Ganesh etc all assembled in marriage party is uniquely beautifying the town as if one has come to same celebrations Biahutibhawan and Lakshman Kila etc at Ayodhya
4 CHAUSA WARFIELD-About 12 km south of Buxar is Chausa It is famous war between Shershah and Humaiu in 1539 in which Humaiu was defeated It is connected with its own railway station and roadways
5. KATKAULI MEMORIAL—It is situated at about 5kms SE from district head quarter Buxar by the side of Patna-Buxar road.There is pillar and platform memorial structures.In the base platform description of war between British and forces of Meer kasim,Sujaudaula and Sah Alam is written in Hindi Urdu and English. In the war the latter was defeated.Tomb etc in memory of dead warriors are also seen.
6 REMNANTS OF PALACES OF THE KING BHOJ OR BIKRAMADITYA- Remnants of fort is seen like Palamau fort near Daltonganj and Rohtas fort near Sasaram.
7. Buxar Central Jail- This Jail memorizes the activity of freedom fighters.Besides, it is stander manufacturer and supplier of Tents ,Carpets, Tarpalins, etc to survey deptts ,Bed sheets towels and Dusers etc to hospitals and other govt office.
OTHER SITES—Ahilya mandir Charitban Baikunth Ramrekha ghat etc.
FESTIVITIES—Bivah utsaw puja celebration is main festivity together with litty chokha fair festival organized by the gatherings of the sadhus during the occasion of Bhav panchmi falling in the month of November
Precaution---General precaution of tourism is to be observed
Guide—District information office may be contacted
Shopping – The area is famous for variety of good quality rice production
Remarks—Being situated on main railway line the area has good tourism prospect.

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